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Picturesque Pools Crafted Especially for YOU

Think about having a private, secure getaway in your own backyard, replete with a personalized pool and spa. Now picture someone managing the entire design and construction process for you from beginning to end. free of headaches. With Competitive Pools, you’ll be informed at every stage of the process, know what to expect before we start with 3D representations, and enjoy your safe haven while feeling proud to own a one-of-a-kind bespoke pool.


We are uniquely qualified to design magnificent pools of every size and type, from serene backyard havens with bespoke features to spectacular waterscapes for commercial venues, thanks to our excellence, passion, and an everlasting devotion to customers. Make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your custom pool and/or landscape ideas with a skilled designer.


With our leading residential turf solutions, you can completely transform your pool area or landscape and put an end to costly and time-consuming lawn maintenance. Pick from a selection of artificial grasses to achieve a particular aesthetic. Need assistance selecting the ideal product? We can assist.


Concrete Pouring is the most critical step in pool construction. Don’t cut corners. Our concrete pour services are second to none, we’ve poured countless pools in this area! Our concrete pours are less costly and more reliable than most, with quick turnaround times. We work with the best concrete pourers in the area. We promise to ensure that your pool deck is level and smooth within a few hours of the final pour.


Why is a bespoke pool a haven for homebodies? specialized landscaping From fencing, gates, and patios to gardens, strolling walks, and water fountains, we’ll strive to finish the pool’s environs. Other Pool Companies in California will only construct a pool, but we have the added license to do both.


We create aesthetically beautiful and practical environments that invite people outside and inspire them to take advantage of the great outdoors indoors. We create landscapes and gardens that naturally flow from the home and blend in with any existing natural features. Our preference for simple lines and geometric shapes is remarkable when combined with distinctive plant tones.


The ability to cook outside without constantly dashing in and out of the house completes your outdoor space like nothing else. Depending on how many guests you expect, we advise you to set aside a portion of your new outdoor living area for culinary activities. The bottom line is straightforward: if you don’t have the proper grill, a barbecue isn’t really a barbecue. We at Competitive Pools can assist you in locating the grilling supplies you require to transform your pool area or backyard into a BBQ center.


Since 2018, the Competitive Pools has completed literally hundreds of custom swimming pools .We believe choosing the right contractor to build a custom swimming pool for your home should be a simple and and stress-free process. Our goal is for you to achieve the highest quality custom pool at a fair price, and know that you’ve been treated right.


Nothing is more crucial than maintaining pool safety. Competitive Pools has the safety insurance you require if you’re hunting for one you can trust. Every safety cover is made to your exact specifications and is produced by top-tier vendors. We provide a wide variety of pool covers in different sizes and colours so you can pick the one that best suits your style.


It is worthwhile to invest in an area that conveys the message you want others to view because your pool and hardscape design can represent your ingenuity and style preferences. We, a Competitive Pools, use the best components to realise your vision. Our crew will collaborate with you to make your backyard a luxurious retreat that you may enjoy alone or with loved ones for many years to come.